TDC Lyrics- 06 Beautiful Stranger- Ogre and Briana Evigan/Twin and Merrywood

M=Ogre. F=Briana. B=Both. This was hard. I do not own these songs. I only love them, and wanted to work out what the hell they were saying. 

Beautiful Stranger

Reckless creatures always one another find
Stealing features, each a diamond to be mined. 
There are facets to stake
And crooks in our neck, we’re like moths to a flame
Get ready and set
Now tarry no longer, let’s burn one another
We’re one and we’re twain, now
Let’s play a game 

Hello, hello, hello beautiful stranger
How familiar the danger
Slipping into the shadows

Tis true, tis true, tis true
Celebrities always do
Us and our shadows too
Us and our shadows

High stakes
Three shakes
No brakes
Triple the wager

Three clicks in the chamber
Three chances to claim her
And by the book, by hook, by rook, shadow takes all, my pet
My, you’re a strange duet
Shadow takes all

Cunning creatures, slither front and slither back
Double dealers, double up for their attack

I could say that I’m hurt

But it wouldn’t be true 
The knife in my back

It reminds me of you
You’re my beautiful stranger
The game is afoot 

It’s the shadow’s domain, so don’t pussyfoot

Edits and thanks
Savingthegeneration - “carry on” to “tarry no”, “dipping” to “slipping”, “my [unknown] to let” to “my, what a strange duet” 
Thejackalxi - inserting “there are facets to stake”, “get ready in seven” to “get ready and set”.
"dipping" to "slipping", "no break", "we’re one and we’re twain" , "double [unknown]" to "double dealers"
"Fray within" to "three clicks in" 
"Shadow takes all my pain" to "shadow takes all, my pet" 
Emyunoxious  - “always want another”  to “always, one another”, “Shadow, don’t play here” to “it’s the shadow’s domain”, inserts “let’s burn one another”, no break to “no brakes”
Theschultzes- come in to cunning, pussyafoot to pussyfoot

beautiful stranger ogre briana evigan twin merrywood the devils carnival the devil's carnival The Devil's Carnival Lyrics

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